Five Things

Hope you’re having an enjoyable, safe Thanksgiving weekend! I’m back in North Carolina until January, but I’ve still got weeks’ worth of experiences to write about. Cheers to Paris! Arc de Triomphe Not joking, wandering Paris is the best. I (somehow) ended up at the Champs-Elysees on Halloween, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I got […]

Five Favorites

Hey hey hey! Autumn is in full swing here in Paris and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. The longer I’m here, the more I realize that I prefer the cold. When I walk to the metro in the morning, the air is crisp, fresh, and cool AND I LOVE IT. Let’s dive into the […]

Five Favorites

Fall is upon us here in the city of love! Boulangerie Breads on breads on breads. Even though I’m doing an internship I’m still technically taking university “classes”. They’re obviously not like regular classes, and for one of them I have to prove how I am immersing myself in the French culture. Twist my arm, […]

Mont Saint Michel

If you’re looking for an adventure, go to Mont Saint Michel. If you want to experience medieval architecture and Roman history, go to Mont Saint Michel. If you want to live a stinkin’ fairytale, go to Mont Saint Michel. Obviously, I’m a fan. Once upon a time (ohmygersh, how fitting), I watched Tangled and I thought it […]

Five Favorites

Raclette The nectar of the gods. Maybe. There’s a video floating around Facebook of a restaurant in New York (I think) where the waiter scrapes melted cheese onto your plate. PSA: that’s an actual thing and I’m obsessed. I went to a restaurant behind the Sacre Cœur that specializes in fondue and raclette, and even […]


If I could go to Touquet (pronounced too-kay) every weekend for the rest of my life, I would be good with that. Let me start off my saying that Touquet has a reputation as being the Hamptons of France. Being situated just across the English Channel, it’s essentially rich Parisians’ weekend playground. I’ll put it this […]