Five Things

It’s been a good week here in the City of Love. Amorino’s Ice Cream I’m a sucker for ice cream. Like if I have to choose between cake and ice cream, ice cream always wins. Pie or ice cream? Ice cream. Donuts or ice cream? Ice cream. Do you ever say a word so many […]

French Bread 101

“What’s the most fun thing you’ve done in Paris?” Oh gosh. What a loaded question. At first I wanted to say going on the Eiffel Tower because that was sah-weet. The view is spectacular and then when it lights up, it’s like Paris is winking at you a million times over. But after rethinking it, […]

Five Favorites

Fall is upon us here in the city of love! Boulangerie Breads on breads on breads. Even though I’m doing an internship I’m still technically taking university “classes”. They’re obviously not like regular classes, and for one of them I have to prove how I am immersing myself in the French culture. Twist my arm, […]

Five Favorites

Raclette The nectar of the gods. Maybe. There’s a video floating around Facebook of a restaurant in New York (I think) where the waiter scrapes melted cheese onto your plate. PSA: that’s an actual thing and I’m obsessed. I went to a restaurant behind the Sacre Cœur that specializes in fondue and raclette, and even […]

Five Favorites

Every week I’ll be sharing my five favorite things from this week. Prepare yourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically for what’s about to come. 😀   Champs-Élysées – When Mama Baker got here a few weeks ago, we took a taxi to our hotel and apparently the fastest way to get there was by going around the Arc […]

A Taste of Belgium @ Bruges Waffles

I’m always on the lookout for some good eats and for the last month or so Bruges Waffles repeatedly came up in conversations. There was even one week where probably four different people (on separate occasions) told me to check it out, so my curious soul got the best of me. Bruges Waffles & Frites is […]