Discovering Salzburg: Lakes & Mountains

If you weren’t previously aware, I’m a huge Sound of Music fan.

Massive. Giant. Ginormous.

My love for all things Julie Andrews brought me to the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria, and let’s just say, I was not disappointed. Austrian culture is intriguing and the landscape is breathtaking. However, during my time in Salzburg I was a little surprised by the historical importance of the city. Now I’m no history buff, but I can hold my own in a discussion about World War I (if that’s any sort of gauge…) and I had no idea about the dominance of this salt mining-area over the last thousand years. It’s pretty amazing!

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that the city is stunning. No matter where you are in the city or in the countryside, you’ll have a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains.

Since I only had two full days in Salzburg, I decided I wanted to explore the countryside a little bit and this tour fit the bill perfectly. A few hours long and into the mountains, just like I wanted.

By Bus

I mean, with this view, who wouldn’t want to go?

With the exception of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, this was definitely the most scenic drive I’ve ever been on. Can’t you just imagine packing up the family and going on a Sunday drive through these mountains???

wofgansee lake in austria

By Boat

Once we got to the dock in St. Gilgen, we boarded a cute boat that took us from the edge of the lake to the city St. Wolfgang on the other side.

And I’ll leave these views here.

view of austria's mountains from wolfgangsee lake

boat dock on wolfgangsee lake in austria at autumn

lake houses along wolfgangsee lake in austria

St. Gilgen along wolfgangsee lake in austria

lake houses on wolfgangsee lake in austria

mountain in wolfgangsee lake

lake house in woods along wolfgangsee lake in austria

wolfangsee lake boat tour in austria

lake houses on wolfgangsee lake in austria

By… Myself

That’s supposed to mean on foot, but I had to make a trifecta, ya know?


St. Wolfgang is the essence of small-town picturesque. I asked myself a few times while I was wandering the town, “Is this place really real? Or is it staged…?”

After an hour or so I decided that I don’t think it’s staged, and even if it is I don’t think I would have cared.

saint wolfgang's chapel in wolfgang, austria

buildings in st wolfgang austria

wolfgang austria town square

st wolfgang chapel in wolfgang austria

st wolfgang town buildings in austria

st wolfgang town buildings in austria

st wolfgang town house in austria

mountain house in st wolfgang, austria

St. Wolfgang is a nifty little lake town and actually the birthplace of Mozart’s mother. Like most European settlements (at least as far as I know), the church is the center of town life. The church here is St. Wolfgang is pretty, but the most interesting part about the church is the legend that surrounds it.

The story goes that St. Wolfgang wanted to build a church, but couldn’t find any help. One day the devil appeared and offered to help build the church on the condition that the devil could receive the first soul to enter the threshold. Wolfgang agreed and when the church was finished he tricked the devil and a wolf was the first living soul to enter the church. There ya go. Mwahaha the devil was thwarted yet again. Hurrah. Good triumphs evil.

Not only is Salzburg an incredible city, but if you have the time, be sure check out the surrounding lakeside towns! You won’t regret it!

There’s just something about the reflections of mountains along the water that makes me heart sing.

boat on wolfgangsee lake in austria

view of wolfgangsee lake from st wolfang chapel in austria

What’s your favorite place to visit?




Escape to Austria's stunning lakes & mountains


  • My family is planning on visiting Austria next year and this made me so excited to visit! Salzburg looks like such a beautiful city.

    -Hannah (

  • Wooow your photos look amazing! I visited Austria last summer and I had such a nice time there, there’s so many things to do and see!

    x Annabelle

    • Katie

      Thanks, Annabelle! I sure had a fun time taking them! Where did you visit in Austria?