French Bread 101

“What’s the most fun thing you’ve done in Paris?” Oh gosh. What a loaded question. At first I wanted to say going on the Eiffel Tower because that was sah-weet. The view is spectacular and then when it lights up, it’s like Paris is winking at you a million times over. But after rethinking it, […]

Mont Saint Michel

If you’re looking for an adventure, go to Mont Saint Michel. If you want to experience medieval architecture and Roman history, go to Mont Saint Michel. If you want to live a stinkin’ fairytale, go to Mont Saint Michel. Obviously, I’m a fan. Once upon a time (ohmygersh, how fitting), I watched Tangled and I thought it […]

Sacre Cœur & L’Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

Even though it’s not Sunday, I’m still living vicariously through this past weekend. I’m calling it an endlessly religious weekend, since I went to church three times. Yep, three times! The Sacre Cœur, my own church, and L’Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis. (To be fair, I didn’t attend any service at the Sacre Cœur.) La Basilique Sacre Cœur. […]