Paris, Je T’aime


Two weeks in and I’m ready to move here for good.


I’m not surprised that Paris is called the city of love because it’s already managed to steal all my attention. However at this point I wouldn’t say that I’m in love- it’s more like a strong infatuation. You know, when you try to keep your cool and pretend that you’re not absolutely having the time of your life when on the inside you’re prancing down the street throwing flower petals everywhere.

Yep. That’s me right now.


I’ve wanted to come to France since I was a freshman in high school and even already tried twice to get my hiney over the Atlantic. The student exchange that would have happened my sophomore year was cancelled because the French school that was supposed to receive us didn’t have enough money. Pooey. So unfortunately that dream was put on the back-burner for a while until during my freshman year of college I was told about an awesome study abroad for the next semester. I applied for that program and again it was cancelled, but this time because not enough students applied.

Shoot dang. It was a disappointment for sure.


However, I’ve learned that everything in life is better when we accept with God’s timing and change our plan to be His plan. I’ve already started working as an intern at the world’s oldest business school and even though it’s different than I imagined (as it always is!), I’m loving the everyday adventure that awaits.


Now, here’s to the semester of my dreams!

– Katie

  • Wendy Baker

    You go girl!

    • Katie

      Thanks Wendy! You’re the best 😀