Summer Fun Inspo

For me, summertime is ALL about spending time outside. After clocking in 8-5 at work in an office, the last thing I want to do is hang out inside staring at more white walls. Luckily my friends humor me when I drag them outside and invent random games for us to play.

Who ever said imagination had to end in childhood???




For obvious reasons, water games are a crowd-pleaser. Hot weather + water = happy people.

Last week we played water balloon battleship. Remember that board game Battleship from your childhood? Yeah, it’s the same idea. Start with two people in blindfolds, scatter your teammates around them on the ground, and the blindfold-ees start launching water balloons to try to hit the other team. It’s quite genius if you ask me.






If you’re more adventurous and you have access to a pool, you can try my new favorite game. It goes by many names, but I prefer to call it The Last Melon. Anyone seen Ice Age? If not, see here.

You divide into two teams, carefully toss the watermelon in the pool, and fight over the melon to get it to the other side of the pool to score. It can get aggressive sometimes, but it’s also a great workout. Win-win, amirite?! After the first time I played, I was sore the next morning haha.

Or you could fill up buckets with water and dunk everyone post-Superbowl style. That’s always an option.













As much as I would love to stay in the pool, sprout a tail, and become a mermaid, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet. So now I have to settle with on-land activities and I must say, I’ve never identified with the Little Mermaid as much as I do this summer. But either way, these games are a blast with groups big or small.











What do you do in the summer to beat the heat and have fun?



  • Tamara

    Looks like so much fun! I miss playing around and water balloon fighting!


    Tamara –

    • katie

      We definitely had a good time 🙂